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Loving Care
When You Can't Be There.

This is my beautiful 4-legged family.
They make my life complete.

(as told by her)

My name is Delilah but my family calls me "Dee" for short.  I was brought into the shelter in June 2007; I had been abandoned by my former family; they put me in a small crate before leaving and I was all alone and scared for several days until a nice man from Animal Control found me and took me to safety.  My new mommy was working at the shelter when I was there and I guess she found me too cute to resist and decided to take me home.  Because I love other doggies, I was very happy to find out that I had two 4-legged brothers to play with - Bogie and Tiggy.  I loved Tiggy right away (he's a rescue doggie himself) but it took a while for me and Bogie to see eye-to-eye; we still have our differences every once in a while but I love him just the same because he is nice enough to share his home and family with me (I have to respect the fact that he was here first).  My mom and dad are the best and, as far as I'm concerned, I hit the jackpot when I became part of my new family.  I made a bunch of friends when I was at the shelter ... several of them other doggies; I think of them often and hope they found a good home like I did.  Not only do mom and dad think shelter dogs are best but I do too so please open your heart and adopt one today!!

Life sure is good!!
April 2008

UPDATE / 2015
There have been many changes over the years since Dee joined my family.  All of her beloved doggie brothers passed away, her mommy and daddy got divorced, and she moved out of the only real home she's every known.  Despite all that, Dee continues to be one of the happiest and loving dogs I've ever known.  She continues to be my constant companion and rock no matter what life throws my (our) way.  

(as told by him)

My mommy was volunteering at the shelter when I was there.  When she showed up one day to take pictures her friend said I should be the first one on her list.  Thank goodness her friend introduced her to me 'cause it turns out that my mommy is a huge sucker for precious pups and I won her heart over at first meeting!!  You see, I had a large tumor on one of my rear legs - it kept growing when I was at the shelter and really started to hurt.  I had a couple other friends at the shelter (I'm a ladies man -- what can I say!!) and when my mom offered to "adopt me" and make sure I got the medical attention I needed, all of my friends stepped up and offered to help with my medical bills!  I ended up having my leg removed and had a very speedy recovery!  My mommy struggled to find me a new forever home -- she couldn't believe that people weren't lining up to adopt a 3-legged, EXTREMELY handsome pit like me!!  Gotta admit ... I knew from the minute I met my mommy that I wasn't going anywhere -- guess it just took her a little longer to realize that.   I'm not really good with other doggies and from the minute I stepped thru the door here they made sure I had my own room that has two dog beds, a fully-loaded crate, and even a flat screen tv that plays music all day!  I consider myself to be a very, very lucky boy and I cherish every single minute of every single day!  I will also never, ever forget all of the people that helped me get to where I am today.  I am a very spoiled pain-in-the-butt that loves my family and friends to pieces.  Life is better than good ... it's AWESOME!!!


Sweet Jersey's health started to decline in early 2015.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 30, 2015 laying on a blanket under an apple tree while surrounded by his beloved family.  He brought many years of joy and laughter to his family to all who knew him.  Rest In Peace, Sweet Boy.

(as told by him)
Okay ... I admit it ... I'm not a "rescue" doggie - please don't hold that against me!; my mom and dad adopted me from a local breeder way back in 1999 (before they knew how great rescue was!).  My mom said that when she was growing up she was always a "cat person" but that I changed her life forever - she still loves kitties, I'm sure, but when you have a dog as perfect as me how can you go back?!  As far as age goes, I am the "middle" child; however, I've been a member of the family the longest (well, except for Richie "the cat" - he's really old and [in my mind] doesn't really count because he's just a cat!) so, because of that, I consider myself the "boss" around the house!  My mommy sometimes calls me Bogie the Bossy Boston, which I take as a compliment because that means I am doing my job!  Don't tell anyone ... but, despite the fact that I try to act really tough sometimes I am really a softie who would like nothing more than to cuddle up next to mom and dad every chance I get!  Yes, it's true ... me and Dee some times do not see eye-to-eye; to be honest, I think she is real pretty and very cool but I have to keep up appearances and be bossy at times with her!  Oh ... it is very hard being me!  
Well, I better head off - Tiggy and Dee are resting comfortably right now and I think it's time to wake them up and cause some trouble!  I may complain and be bossy a lot but I wouldn't want to be anywhere but with my beloved family - they are awesome and I know that they love me more than life itself.  So, I guess life is pretty darn good :-)
July 2008


After a long and very happy life with his family, Bogie passed away peacefully and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 22, 2014Bogie was almost 16 -- they were the best years of my life!!  He will live on forever in my heart. XOXO

(as told by him) 

My name is Tiggy.  I'm originally from Kansas but now reside in Burnt Hills with my beloved family.  My former mommy got too sick to take care of me and was forced to give me up - that's how I ended up in a shelter.  Lucky for me one of the volunteers at the shelter in Kansas had a relative who ran a Boston Terrier rescue so I only had to spend one night alone in the shelter.  My foster/rescue mom posted pictures of me on-line (thank goodness for PetFinder!) and that is how my new mom and dad found me - that was four years ago; however, it seems like I have been a member of the family forever!  I have a doggie brother Bogie (who likes to boss me around) and a doggie sister Delilah (who is also a rescue doggie; she is young and likes to play a lot so she has been helping me keep in shape!).  I also have a kitty brother Richie; he's almost 19, which is pretty old, so I try not to bother him.  I have everything a doggie could ever dream of having and I think I am the luckiest dog in the world.  Were it not for the rescue that took me in and for people like my mom and dad who believe in adopting shelter/rescue dogs, I do not know where I would be today.  So, please, help change the life of another dog like me and adopt a shelter or rescue dog today!

My mom says I am the cutest, sweetest, funniest dog in the whole world (sometimes she says on the entire planet - I don't really know the difference) and she always seems to have a camera pointed in my face.  She probably has a million pictures of me; I try to do a different pose every once in while so they aren't all the same!  I hope you find me as cute and irresistible as my mom & dad do!

Well, I have to head off now as I am long overdue for a nap!

April 2008

Our beloved Tiggy crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the early morning of May 22, 2009, when he peacefully drifted off to sleep while surrounded by his loving family.
This picture was taken of Tiggy less than 11 days before his passing -- this is the Tiggy we knew and loved and will love for the rest of our lives.

Tiggy was joy -- pure and absolute utter joy.
Sweet Tiggy --- We will NEVER forget your precious smile and beautiful spirit.

Mommy, Daddy, Bogie, Dee & Richie

A friend put together a video honoring our precious boy.  Thank you, Patti!;


Richie is our 19 year old kitty (a/o 2009).  Richie loves coming up a night after the doggies have gone to bed and will spend countless hours purring away on Joe's lap!!  He may not be the puffy, somewhat chunky, long-haired kitty he once was, but he still enjoys life and I think even enjoys the ocassional "fondling" from Dee -- she loves sniffing his butt!  LOL


In Loving Memory

Richie passed away peacefully in the early morning of November 3, 2009