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Loving Care
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** Testimonials **

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Kristi.  We have an older dog who used to love to travel...but now prefers to stay home – it became difficult to go away overnight; however, that changed once we met Kristi.

We are very comfortable having her stay in our home while we are away.  She is trustworthy, responsible, and caring.  She understands how difficult it is for someone to leave their pet, and she will text or call us as often as we like to reassure us that all is OK.

Kristi quickly understood Riley's schedule and needs and she fit right in with the routine.  It is comforting to be able to go away and just relax and enjoy ourselves, knowing our Sheltie Riley is being pampered and well taken care of, and that our home is in good hands.

It also helps to know that if we are just going away for a long day we can rely on Kristi to come in once or twice during the day  (whatever we need), to walk, feed, and offer hugs and rubs while we are away.

 It is our pleasure to recommend Kristi for anyone's pet sitting needs."

Karen & Mark

"We can't say enough good things about Kristi. She is reliable, punctual, professional in her demeanor and in her commitment to her chosen career. Our three "girls" love her; they get so excited when they see her. We have no hesitation to take a vacation if we know Kristi will be taking care of them. Kristi is so organized and detailed with the schedule she sends and the notes she leaves us. It is most comforting to know that she is so accessible by phone or text. We think Kristi's stay with our girls is actually a vacation for them!"

The Heiners

"We have used Kristi's pet sitting services for several years and have found her to be professional, reliable and trustworthy.  She is very good about leaving daily updates as to her time with Jako, our 7-year old Lab, often including humorous anecdotes.  She has come through for us every time even when given very short notice.  Knowing that Jako has a visit from Kristi to look forward to gives us great peace of mind, as we know he will receive attention and affection comparable to what we would provide.  This is not just a job for her she genuinely cares for animals.  If you are looking for someone to lavish attention on your 4-legged friend, give Kristi a try.  You will not be disappointed."

Michele, Val & Jako


"Kristi is an awesome dog sitter...she is almost always available when I need her and every time I come back home, my dogs are happy! She goes above and beyond her dog sitting duties...has watered plants for us, brings in mail/paper if we ask...she is the best!! She always sends us a text at the end of each day and sometimes includes pictures!

 I would highly recommend her!!"

 Diane LeRoy (Bernie & Maggie too!)

"Kristi has been our pet-sitter for the past 3 years and we are so very happy to have found her!  The care she provides for our dogs is wonderful and they absolutely love her.  Knowing that our pets are in such good hands while we are away gives us great peace of mind.  She even sends us daily updates, which really help to ease our worries!  Kristi is a warm, loving person and the most reliable, responsible pet-sitter we ever had – we highly recommend her!  In fact, she has now become the pet-sitter for most of our friends!"  

Deb Baker (Tyson & Corinna's mom)

"Kristi is the most amazing, trustworthy, reliable and compassionate animal friend I know!  I was very lucky to find her and to receive her services.  I can go away on vacation and know that all of my fur kids are well taken care of and loved.  I have a crazy house with 3 dogs and 2 cats but she is able to manage them all with ease.  She has a special way with animals and even the toughest cases like my shelter dog, Athena, come to love and trust her.  I would recommend Kristi to anyone with any amount or kind of pet.  Animals are able to sense when someone is kind, loyal and honest … all my babies give her 4 paws up!!"

Karen Scanlon


"Kristi has been caring for our two precious Golden Retrievers for some time now.  We couldn't be happier with the service she provides!  Due to our some times crazy work schedules, we frequently ask her for help on short notice – less than a day sometimes – and she is always happy and willing to accommodate us into her schedule.  Our dogs are ages 1 (Piper) and 7 (Maya), with our youngest always ready to play ball and the older one happy to just sit at (or on) someone's feet.  We know that Kristi makes an effort to spend quality time with both of them, even though Piper would be happy to monopolize all of Kristi's time!  I was so pleased when she suggested we leave Maya's brush out for her so that she could provide some additional one-on-one time with her.  The girls are always happy when we return home, both tired from their playtime with Kristi.  One of our favorite parts of the day is getting a quick text from Kristi letting us know that everything is well at home or getting a texted photo and seeing our girls happy and playing in the yard.  Best of all, though, is the peace of mind we get knowing that our girls are well cared for and happy during the day.  As they say … it's priceless!"

Chris and Sarah Benson


 "We've never used a pet sitter before, but Kristi made us feel so comfortable leaving our dogs in our care.  The moment she walked into our house, she got on the floor and gave our dogs kisses!  She wrote down all of our personal habits and rituals, which put my mind at ease immediately, and we came home to pages of daily notes on their behavior and points of interest.  Best of all, she sent us text messages or emails of our "fur kids" while we were gone!  Just seeing their smiling faces, I knew they were in good hands.  She even picked them up from daycare for us.  The icing on the cake is how reasonable her prices are; we'd never use someone else!"

Tori & John Romeo

"I was headed out on a week's vacation and the person I had set up to watch my pets backed out 3 days before I had to leave. I called Kristi in a panic, upon the recommendation of my vets office, and she responded immediately and assisted me by saying she would care for my cats. She came over immediately, and met my cats and got the tour of the house and their routine. I felt very comfortable with her professionalism, as she wrote everything down and assured me that my pets would be in good hands.

During the week I was away, she contacted me to tell me how the cats were doing, and even sent pictures. Needless to say, I was thrilled with her care of my fur kids. When I got home, everything was in perfect order and the cats were content and well cared for. She even made friends with my anti-social cat!!

I have recommended Kristi to numerous friends and they have used her and love her as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kristi to anyone at all who wants a quality service by a real professional."

Andrea McConnelee

"We highly recommend Kristi LaValley’s (Puppydogtales) dog walking services.  We have a very energetic Brittany, and one of the highlights of her day is having Kristi take her out for some exercise and companionship while we are at work. Kristi easily forged a strong relationship with our dog who eagerly looks forward to her daily visit.  In addition, Kristi is exceptionally reliable with the services she provides and is able to adjust to variable schedules as needed.  We really appreciate our long-standing relationship with Kristi and encourage others to bring her into their pet’s life!"

 Gordon and Jennifer

"This was my first time Kristi came to care for my animals.  I would highly recommend Kristi to anyone who wants someone kind, trustworthy, and who truly loves your pets as their own.  I was blessed to have found Kristi.  My neighbor upon my recommendation has engaged Kristi to watch her dogs.  For nine days when I was on vacation I had peace of mind and contentment.  You can't buy that security."
Lorraine C.

"Kristi takes care of our two cats, Emma and Katy, whenever we are away.  We always come home to very content and happy cats.  Kristi makes sure that she gives each animal individualized attention recognizing their different personalities and needs.  It is very important to her their schedules are kept as normal as possible.   She is an efficient and organized professional who truly loves animals.  We would definitely recommend Kristi LaValley to any pet owner!"

Fran, Tom & the “girls”


 "For dependable, loving, trustworthy service, Kristi is the best.   She has become a trusted "member of our family" through years of proven dedication and caring service to our dogs.  Their welfare and comfort has always been Kristi's main concern.  She can be counted on to handle any situation.  Kristi is always greeted with wagging tails because of her cheerful, loving relationship with our dogs."

Karen, Paul, Morgan & Sydney

"Traveling got a whole lot easier when I found Kristi!  I have a house full: 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 pigs, gerbils & a ferret!  From the moment I met her, I knew that she was going to be the perfect fit for us! It is so comforting to know that the animals can stay where they feel safe-in their own home- while I am away.  Kristi goes above and beyond to take good care of my fur-babies!  She comes in during the day but she also comes for overnights...sleeping at my house so my pets aren't alone!  She even texts me after every visit with an update on how everyone is doing!  It is so reassuring to know that I don't have to worry about them at all! I would trust her with any of my pets, for any amount of time."

Alison Eitzmann


"We have two dogs, Elvis and Mickey and they LOVE Kristi. She doesn't just pet sit, she plays with them and loves them as if they were hers. We have used Kristi's services for weekly half hour visits as well as overnights. Before Mickey and Elvis we had other dogs. When we went away we had to board them. They were in a strange place, virtually ignored and never did well. It is a blessing to know that now we can be away and have the peace of mind that our babies are home and loved, happy, played with and very well cared for. How important is that! Finding Kristi is one of the BEST things that has happened to us and our boys!"

Janice Bahr

"I am a client who waited 40 years to use a pet sitter. So you can imagine my criteria for choosing one.  Kristi has been superb.  She is organized, efficient but most of all in love with all her dog clients.  she is sincerely loving to our boys, a cocker and a rotty-lab mix.  Not only does she feed and do the basics but goes out of her way to tire out a ball chasing crazy dog.  I can attest to the time she spends throwing the ball so said crazy dog can retrieve.  I know this because of the tennis balls all over my back yard.  I honestly know that my vacations would be solo if not for Krist and her love of animals.  So thank you dog whisperer for all your help."

Lynn Horrigan


"We always look to Kristi when our cockapoo, Mia, is not able to travel with us.  Mia requires medications throughout the day to keep her epilepsy under control and Kristi is experienced in giving them to her.  Kristi has also helped us out greatly by doing extra feedings and walks when Mia was sick.  She even stepped in last minute to care for Mia when I went into labor!  We know Mia loves seeing Kristi and is always taken good care of by her.  Whether it is a daytime walk, an overnight trip, a week long trip, or the unexpected, we would absolutely recommend Kristi to care for your pets."

Danielle Sigismondo


"Kristi is wonderful!  She is very professional, but still personable.  Our dog is a rescue and a bit skidish, but he warmed up to Kristi in a heartbeat.  We feel comfortable leaving our pup in her care. She even sends us texts each time she visits to let us know everything is okay for the day."

Kristy Kline


"Kristi LaValley has been a wonderful pet sitting for my two dogs.  She is dependable, reliable and extremely flexible.  I know I can leave my dogs and they are well cared for and loved.  Kristi sends text messages each night to update me and leaves a detailed account of each visit.  My dogs are happy and relaxed when I arrive home.  Kristi has been very accommodating when I had to go out of town on short notice to care for a family member.  In addition, she has made extra effort when my dog, Delilah, (who is a picky eater), wouldn’t eat.  Kristi spent extra time with her and made her shredded chicken, with my approval.  I would highly recommend Kristi LaValley to care for your pets."

Kelley Nutter


"Kristi is a warm, thoughtful, and dependable caregiver. I know my pets are safe and well tended when we are away. Peace of mind makes out of town trips so much more enjoyable. We really appreciate the pictures of our pets she texts when we are away because in addition to being a fabulous pet sitter, she is also a talented photographer!"

Pam Delucia


"Kristi LaValley from PuppyDogTales is a wonderful pet sitter, pet photographer and trainer.  We leave our dogs with her whenever we travel, never having to worry about them.  She takes excellent care of them and spends quality time with them.  We happen to have a diabetic dog and Kristi takes great care of him, administers his insulin and any other medication that is needed.  We love her and definitely trust her with our pets."

Paul and Carmen Graver


"Kristi has been taking care of my pack of dogs over the past 2 years.  She is a loving and caring dog walker with all the different personalities (Doodle, German Shepherd, Pug and a Havanese).

They are so excited when she comes over.  I would never be able to have my dogs fully exercised without her!"

Mary Flaherty

"We adopted a dog who had been rescued from the streets of New Jersey.  My husband and I were both working and needed someone to walk her during the day and help us with the process of integrating her into our home and rehabilitating her.  We called Kristi.  She was wonderful and very helpful to both my husband and me and especially our dog.  We lost that dog but quickly adopted another.  She was also a rescue who came to us with a myriad of problems; she had been taken from her mother too soon, was abused and was never socialized.  Kristi treated her with patience, love and positive reinforcement.  The dog’s sweet nature emerged and she is now a treasured member of our family.  Kristi truly loves dogs and will go the extra mile for them.  She never loses patience with them and always brings out the best in them.  Our dog gets very excited when she sees Kristi and counts Kristi as part of her pack.  Kristi is absolutely reliable and trustworthy.  You can trust her with your dog and your home."

Deborah Lansing

"We have two cats, one so skittish that friends and family have never seen him! I couldn’t believe it when Kristi walked into our house for the initial meeting and Simon actually came out of hiding and crept down the stairs to meet her. It was incredible! We have depended on Kristi’s pet sitting business for many years now and highly recommend her service. Kristi is kind, trustworthy, and reliable. It’s such a relief to be able to travel knowing that our cats are being well-cared for in their own home."

Ron and Pam Root

"Kristi was a great find for us.  She provides pet sitting & exercise on scheduled weeknights & periodically on weekends.

Kristi treats her work as a professional and has a palpable connection with animals.  She's consistently available, even at short notice, and her response time is amazing.

We completely trust her with our pet & house, and recommend Kristi to our friends"

Mick & Barb, Cooper & Hisster


"Elliott and Annie love Kristi (and so do we!).  They are happy to see her each time she arrives.  Kristi is dependable and trustworthy and is an essential part of our day.  She accommodates our difficult schedules and manages the needs of our puppies very well.  We would recommend Kristi to all the dogs in need of a visit."

Pat & Ingrid

"Since finding Kristi, I can finally travel without feeling guilty and worried for my furry family left at home. I know that they are not only well cared for but also that they look forward to seeing her. She was even able to interact -- without injury -- with my usually-grumpy kitty who had been known to lunge at visitors.

I love that she sends regular updates via text so I know all is good at home. And when I get home, I no longer return to kitties who have been starved for attention since Kristi gave them quality time while I was gone."

Emily Hawkins

"We have a Golden and a Labrador Retriever.  When I returned to work full time we were concerned that our dogs were going to be alone for far too many hours.  Our friends recommended Kristi to us and we couldn’t be happier.  She stops by once a day to let them out and provide them with some attention and much needed exercise.  Kristi is reliable and dependable, and our dogs adore her!  We highly recommend her services."

Lori & Becky

"With a new, wild, rescue Boston Terrier and a seven year old 'set-in-his-ways' Boston, we hired Kristi to dog sit when we had to go out of town for a week.  Our dogs were safe, well cared for and adored Kristi.  She has been sitting for them ever since!  She is our rock!"

 Moira S.